Steel Hammock Chair Regular




Indoor outdoor hanging swing.

* Material: high quality stainless steel 202 grade.

* weight capacity: 120 kg.

* Material: base S.S pipe. (dia. 19mm & 12 mm)

*Hanging hardware material: 3 Pies of Link, 2 Pies small hook, 1 pies rotted (barring) spring.

* Number of Seats: 1 people.

* Finish: glossy.

* 100 % original stainless steel.

* Swing size: length 28 inch x width 24 inch x height 38 inch.

* Material on cushion: Made from fine soft cotton.

* Delivery Condition: Buyer don’t required Assembling. (Ready to use product)

* Cline: Easy to wash with mild water.

* Quantity: 1 Piece (Swing).


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